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Hearts & Minds

Hearts & Minds™ is a philosophy, methodology and toolkit to promote the understanding and development of personal motivation of people in the organisation: from ‘we have to’ towards ‘we want to’.

  • A scientifically based* methodology;
  • A proven behavioural change process to create both awareness and the will to succeed;
  • A complete approach with tools, plans of approach and experienced facilitators.

CPI has further developed Hearts & Minds™ for key strategic areas, such as Governance, Integrity, Risk & Compliance and (digital) Transformations. The approach includes tools, implementation scenario’s and experienced facilitators to clear the way for mature behaviour.

*Based on 20+ years of behaviour research by the universities of Manchester, Aberdeen and Leiden.


"Outstanding performance can only be achieved by winning both the hearts and minds of people."

The ultimate shift from “we have to” towards “we want to”

Hearts & Minds™ distinguishes three essential components, to improve behaviour from ‘we have to’ towards ‘we want to’. Top performance can only be achieved by optimising and aligning all three components and thereby winning both the hearts and minds of people:

I Understand, I Accept and I Want!


  • Technology & Standards
  • Management Systems
  • Mature Behaviour

An approach with a solid scientific background

Extensive Hearts & Minds™ research shows that context has a fundamental influence on how people behave. CPI’s Hearts & Minds™ approach is a great opportunity to leverage the intrinsic motivation and quality of people. Winning both their hearts and minds, leading to outstanding organisational performance.

Context include factors like:

  • Tone at the top end exemplary behaviour;
  • Reward/punishment-systems;
  • Availability and quality of training, policies/procedures.

I Understand, I Accept and I Want!

Organisational culture is the sum of individual behaviours shown by its members. The basic concept of Hearts & Minds™ is the culture maturity ladder:

  • On a Calculative level performance is only realised by
    Technology & Standards and Management Systems;
  • Reaching higher levels of maturity requires understanding
    and optimising the context;
  • Guiding people to fully understand, accept and want;
  • The result is that the intrinsic motivation of people is unleashed,
    creating a culture of “WE WANT TO!

Powerful Hearts & Minds™ tools

Curious for more information about Hearts & Minds™? Contact Simone Heidema, Alette DucroPeter Koppenol or Jeannette Franken.

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