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Resilient clients with an awareness of the current climate

Our clients recognise that developments around the world require their organisations to be strongly focused on risk, finance and governance. They choose to partner with CPI and tackle both the compulsory items and those which create value. The most important measure used by CPI to rate our success is client satisfaction.

CPI’s strength lies in their knowledge and experience of the ‘hard’ side of compliance and risk processes, as well as the ‘soft’ side (behavioural change). Within one-and-a-half year, this combination has led to a significant and measurable improvement on integrity, compliance and risk thinking inside NS.


Susi Zijderveld, Board member & Director Risk Management, NS Group



CPI has conducted an excellent self-evaluation for Achmea. Their approach is efficient and pleasant, including in-depth interviews. The recommendations in the succinct report are clear and executional. During the explanatory meeting with the Supervisory Board we had a highly constructive discussion, which included a review on governance best-practices.


Aad Veenman, chairman Supervisory Board


CPI’s professional has delivered tremendous added value in the field of risk management. He combined his expert knowledge with being astutely aware of our organisation and the relevant stakeholders. He was also a joy to work with, both inside the team and for the directors in charge.


Rinske Fieten, Manager Integrity, Risk Management and Compliance & Corporate Compliance Officer

CPI supported us tremendously during our project Vento (sale by our private equity-shareholder). CPI’s consultants proved to be very hands-on in preparing the data room and required documents for the vendor due diligence. Meanwhile, CPI also provided hands-on and in-depth support in streamlining management control and financial processes.


Laurens de Neef, CEO



The experienced professionals of CPI provide hands-on capabilities in driving the change in our Finance Transformation program. We value their analytical skills, focus on training of our own staff and embedding changes in processes.


Marc Toebes, SVP & Head of Accounting Operations



CPI has a uniquely pragmatic approach, which is completely in line with the Compliance standards that apply to our specific organisational reality and culture.


Frank Eggink, CFO

It was a real pleasure working with our CPI professional. With dedication and subject-matter expertise, he supported us during the set up of risk management. In this project, it was of critical importance to us that the risk and control framework would become ‘the museum’s own’. Something CPI most certainly helped to achieved.


Adriaan Dönszelmann, Managing Director


CPI recently supported the self-evaluation of the Supervisory Board of our bank. The preparation was thorough; a solid questionnaire, in-depth interviews, and two observations. The report was concise and manageable, focusing on the main issues. It was followed by a constructive plenary discussion session. As chair of the Supervisory Board, I am extremely satisfied with the knowledgeable and professional support that CPI added to our self-evaluation and I can highly recommend their services.


Marjanne Sint, chairman Supervisory Board


CPI has made an extremely valuable contribution to both the design, and the implementation of the Business Support Framework for Mammoet. They have done so with a human touch, ensuring it is embedded throughout our organisation.


Onno den Boer, CFO

CPI’s consultants are professional and very hands-on, providing an immediate and pragmatic contribution to enhancing our risk and control framework, even in a fast-growing organization such as Action.


Cuno de Witte, Director Risk Assurance

The consultants of CPI have made ARAG privacy-proof, both today and in the future, through their innovative approach and substantial personal attention for our staff.


Hans Bartels, Board Secretary



CPI’s integrated approach to privacy, showed Essent privacy related legal and security risks. CPI did not merely point out the risks to us, but in particular revealed the business opportunities.


Pascal Buijs, Head of Security

CPI is supporting CZ on how to handle privacy legislation both on a strategic and tactical level. Thanks to CPI’s extensive experience they perfectly understand how our organisation operates and are familiar with the specific obligations that apply to the CZ organisation. CPI helps to turn a complex legal issue into one that is clear and easy to understand for the business. In short, a highly valuable advisor.


Yvonne Steger-van de Lisdonk, Concern Compliance Officer


CPI’s approach is enabling the customer to achieve optimised standard processes with embedded control execution. This has been done by promoting control awareness, by ensuring control ownership and by focusing on the implementation of pro‐active and preventative controls rather than on detective controls. CPI’s efforts have contributed to the company’s goal of reaching cost effective processes.


Ruud Huisman, former Finance Director, Business Area Decorative Paints

What we have achieved in this process is: knowing our organisation’s common standards and values. Creating clear agreements on the back of them and holding ourselves accountable. The positive has become the norm again.


Femke Koehof, Director Compliance and Integrity, NS Group

Their broad experience in the field of Risk & Controls in combination with CPI’s pleasant no-nonsense mentality, result in a collaboration that is both effective and efficient.


Ivo Meijer, Manager Risk & Control, Consumer Products EMEA


Ziggo has been able to increase and secure attention levels for privacy across the business, benefiting from CPI’s substantial experience as an implementation partner on privacy related measures. The development of privacy tools and process flowcharts, among other things, has made ‘privacy by design’ accessible across the organisation. In addition to our compliance with rules and regulations, the outcome is a greater understanding among employees of job-related security aspects.


Cuno de Witte, Director Risk Assurance

The CPI consultants turned out to be a perfect fit with our no-nonsense mentality.


Ronald van der Mark, (former) CEO

The lively workshops, illustrated with CPI's real-life examples, have reinforced the importance of privacy for our organisation. CPI consultants' expertise and can-do mentality contribute to the ongoing improvement of our privacy-framework.


Hans van Gool, CFO

CPI’s experienced team and their hands-on capabilities supported us successfully with the development and implementation of GRC in challenging times and in a challenging environment.


Aernout van der Gaag, Group Controller

We found out that CPI is a highly capable partner to support the standardisation of finance processes and the implementation of the required controls. Based on specific process and finance knowledge, their people have shown a remarkeble hands-on approach, making the change where needed.


Ruud Huisman, former Finance Director, Business Area Decorative Paints



CPI has given a boost to the implementation of Aramco’s risk management framework. Their pragmatic support fitted to our needs and helped us in speeding up the process of embedding the framework in our organisation.

The hands-on and experienced consultant of CPI developed a fit-for-purpose information security policy, which will bring the level of IT security to a greater maturity.


Paul van der Tholen, ICT manager

CPI has the ability to act fast on customer requirements, in this instance our need for specific compliance expertise inside the financial sector. Thanks to their experienced professionals, CPI has helped us to make fast progress in a number of compliance areas.


Johan Septer, Manager Risk, Audit & Compliance

Experienced professionals with a pragmatic attitude that made the difference.


Ronald van der Mark, (former) CFO

We have chosen CPI because they fit well with our own approach and mentality; experienced professionals, pragmatic and hands-on.


Reinier Walta, CFO

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