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Call us: +31 88 10 10 200 or let us call you back:

Call us: +31 88 10 10 200

What makes us special to you

"Experienced en driven professionals with a shared mission."

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Experienced and passionate professionals

CPI only selects the best professionals with at least ten years of experience. In addition to a track record in their business sector we also look for line management experience. As part of the CPI team, professionals make their own choices and focus on their true passion: engaging with their clients and their business.


We have the ability to tailor the composition of a team to the specific needs of the assignment. In this way, we are not hindered by the need to allocate people to an assignment, simply to keep them billable. This is only possible because of the independent status of our professionals.

Honest pricing

Clients will not be inundated by a bunch of juniors to keep prices down. On the contrary, our clients benefit from highly experienced professionals against highly competitive prices, thanks to our efficient cost structure. This ensures honest pricing, for our clients as well as for our professionals.

Thought leadership

The ambition to be forward thinking in the fields of risk, finance and governance, means that we can consistently offer our clients the most relevant knowledge and insights. At the same time CPI professionals surround themselves with outstanding colleagues and work on challenging projects with resilient clients.

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About CPI

CPI is the professional services organisation of the future. We offer clients and professionals what they truly need in the field of risk, finance and governance.

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