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Whatever the challenge in your organisation may be; we believe everything starts with your people. With a strong focus on the human being in the organisation, we tackle problems and deliver lasting results. As a B Corp, we do this with the best professionals in the market, using a groundbreaking approach!

We help organizations with


To become ánd stay ‘in control’; that's the goal. Together we work on standardising processes, digitalisation and improving your entire financial reporting. Both financially, and non-financially (ESG).

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Risk Management

Whether it concerns strategic risks, operational risks, IT risks, financial risks, ESG risks or behavioral risks; our risk experts help you with controlled and ethical business operations and the achievement of strategic objectives.

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Compliance & Integrity

Implementing new laws and regulations is always a challenge. In addition, rules of conduct in the field of integrity and a safe work culture play an increasingly important role. We help you with an effective implementation, to get people on board and to account for things in the right way.

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Good governance, strong (personal) leadership, a focus on company culture and long-term value creation; that's your ultimate goal. Assisting in board evaluations, conducting training and coaching leadership trajectories; our professionals will help you raise the bar to the highest level.

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Hearts & Minds approach

Using a structured approach for fundamental change.

In the end, there is one central goal: making sure you win the hearts and minds of your staff, so you can launch a successful transformation. When the Hearts & Minds™ scheme is completed everyone understands the expectations, the reasons behind desirable behaviour and the purpose of the intended culture. This is how Hearts & Minds™ helps to deliver structured change with long-term and tangible benefits:

Realising behavioural change in a structured way; that is what the Hearts & Minds™ approach delivers. This approach can be applied to your entire organisation but also to specific parts of the business. The key question is always: ‘what is the current situation, and how can we steer behaviour towards the desired situation?’. This might involve ‘hard’ changes like government enforced laws and regulations, or changes related to a safe work culture and integrity. Whatever the situation, the Hearts & Minds™ approach focuses on uncovering the intrinsic motivation and quality of your employees who want to change rather than being forced to change. With lasting change as a result.

The key advantages:


Alignment between strategy, culture and leadership.


Intrinsically motivated employees in a safe work culture, who dare to speak up and act from ‘I want’.


Excellent performance because you succeed in winning people’s ‘hearts’ and ‘minds’.

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Why work with us?

Marc Toebes,

SVP & Head of Accounting Operations


“The experienced professionals of CPI provide hands-on capabilities in driving the change in our finance transformation program. We value their analytical skills, focus on training of our own staff and embedding changes in processes.”

Susi Zijderveld,

Board of Directors & Director of Risk Management


“CPI’s strength lies in their knowledge and experience of the ‘hard’ side of compliance and risk processes, as well as the ‘soft’ side (behavioural change). Within one-and-a-half year, this combination has led to a significant and measurable improvement on integrity, compliance and risk thinking inside NS.”

Mark den Hollander,

CFRO and Member of the Management Board


“The pragmatic approach that CPI displayed using their Hearts & Minds methodology to assess our organisation was appreciated by Robeco. Moreover, the hands-on mentality during the design and implementation phase aligned well with the culture of the Robeco organisation. CPI takes ownership from the start and does not let go until the project has delivered the envisioned outcomes.”

Marcel Smits,

(former) CFO at KPN & CEO Sara Lee


“The challenge with compliance and risk projects is to present the subject at all levels in the organisation in a positive manner. This requires great efforts and skills. CPI has been a very professional partner in in-depth discussions on the subject. In addition, CPI assisted us with a pragmatic implementation at all levels in the organisation.”

Cuno de Witte,

Director Risk Assurance


“Ziggo has been able to increase and secure attention levels for privacy across the business, benefiting from CPI’s substantial experience as an implementation partner on privacy related measures. The development of privacy tools and process flowcharts, among other things, has made ‘privacy by design’ accessible across the organisation. In addition to our compliance with rules and regulations, the outcome is a greater understanding among employees of job-related security aspects.”

Experienced and dedicated professionals

Our consultants have years of experience on both sides of the table. As a result, we effortlessly take on the role of an advisor, while also showing a clear understanding of how things work in reality. More importantly: our approach is result-driven and hands-on. So you can count on powerful implementation capability inside your organisation.

Deliver results with your people

We focus on delivering results. More than others, we understand your people are at the heart of your organisation. That’s why we always consider the ‘human factor’ in everything we do. When giving advice, and certainly during transformation trajectories. With our Hearts & Minds™ approach, you will get tangible results with your people.

Transferred and embedded knowledge

Until the moment we become expendable, our work isn’t complete. We ensure extensive knowledge transfer, and this knowledge becomes fully embedded in your organisation. We say farewell, and you enjoy the lasting results.

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