Hearts & Minds

Want your employees to embrace a transformation? Build a safe work culture? That is where our Hearts & Minds ™ approach comes in. With this methodology, we're working towards a healthy balance between the heart and mind of your organisation. The result? A safe and positive work culture and motivated people who 'want to change' rather than feeling they 'must change'. That is how Hearts & Minds leads to better performance in your organisation.


Hearts & Minds the CPI way

Hearts & Minds™ is a philosophy, methodology and toolset to understand and encourage behavioural change in an organisation. This approach focuses on the hard and the soft side, in other words: seeing the heart and mind. Hearts & Minds™ helps to improve your organisation’s behaviour and culture. And it brings out the intrinsic motivation and quality in your people.

Hearts & Minds in daily life

Hearts & Minds™ is a science-based method* that has been applied successfully by over 500 organisations in culture change programs.  Shall we get to work for you with Hearts & Minds™?

Then remember:

  • Culture is the accumulation of behaviours.
  • People cannot be changed, but their behaviour can by changing the circumstances.
  • This requires a structured and fundamental approach that relies on three conditions.

From ‘we must’ to ‘we want’

A mature work environment or culture needs people with vision and enthusiasm. People taking ownership of what is needed to create a safe work culture, good risk management and compliance. So not a ‘we must’ mentality, but a ‘we want’ mentality. That is what the Hearts & Minds™ methodology enables you to do.


To measure is to know

Through measurement you can set the baseline, where is your organisation today, and use a highly targeted method to steer your organisation towards more desirable behaviour. You can do this through interventions for different target audiences or for your organisation as a whole. This makes Hearts & Minds™ a very ‘blue’ way to tackle behavioural change.


Everyone understands and accepts what is expected of them and the message is clear. Among other things, this is about using clear and consistent language and having the necessary resources.


Everyone understands and accepts a fair and transparent system for reward and discipline. This means that desirable behaviour is rewarded both formally and on a human level, and that undesirable behaviour has consequences.


Everyone wants to change when they believe it is for the better. This requires a safe and open environment, where it is safe to speak up, hold each other accountable and where you take responsibility for your own behaviour.

These three conditions have been translated into 25 topics that can be measured so you can establish where your organisation is today in terms of culture and behaviour. Measurements can be done, for instance during workshops, self-assessments and online questionnaires. Along the way, various aspects are addressed, such as: what is the position of your organisation on the Culture Maturity Ladder? What does the current work environment look like and what influences are present? And also: how do your people come to grips with this environment?

“You cannot change people, but you can change the circumstances in which they work.”


Using a structured approach for structural change.

In the end, there is one clear goal: making sure you win the hearts and minds of your staff, so you can launch a successful transformation. When the Hearts & Minds™ trajectory is completed everyone understands the expectations, the reasons behind desirable behaviour and the goal of the intended culture. This is how Hearts & Minds™ helps to deliver structural change with long-term and tangible benefits:

  • Improved results
  • Open and safe work culture
  • Improved collaboration
  • Higher quality
  • Cost reduction


* research performed i.a. by the Universities of Manchester, Aberdeen and Leiden

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