B Corp

We are part of the select group of companies known as B Corp, including Ben & Jerry's, Danone, Triodos Bank and Tony's Chocolonely. This means we address social and environmental challenges, and apply this mindset to set our organisational objectives. We inspire other organisations not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world; that is our goal. This is how we make a valuable contribution to the new economy. And we are proud of it!


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Best for our clients

We offer our clients everything they need in the area of good governance, and the robust design for risk management, finance, compliance and integrity. Our approach is characterised by a strategic focus on hearts and minds. In other words: attending to the hard and the soft side of change trajectories. With a strong focus on culture and behaviour, we support our clients along all phases of change: from problem recognition and definition to the practical implementation and knowledge transfer to internal staff. That’s how we create lasting change for our clients.


Best for our people

We share, we care, we connect. That’s what characterises our way of working. With our flexible community of independent professional consultants we make an impact with our clients. On the one hand, our people enjoy their independence and on the other hand they benefit from being part of a strong community. Supported by (online) knowledge sharing, events and meet-ups we keep each other on the ball and continue to look for connection. Inside our CPI Academy we share practical knowledge that really matters. That’s how our 400+ consultants continue to develop best-in-class skills.


Best for society

We believe the fast-changing world around us calls for a new ‘flexible’ approach. An approach by a resilient community of independent professionals who are here to help businesses and organisations do better. Our novel operational model is an example to other organisations. With over 17 years of experience and acquiring many large clients, we are proof that more than 400 independent consultants can form one successful organisation.

And we would like to take it one step further: we also actively pursue the debate. Because companies are subject to constant and rapid change, new business models are emerging and new (IT) platforms are developing. This leads to changes in how we work and the disappearance of jobs. We care about the social impact of these developments and are an active voice in the conversations around work and labour for all people.