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Call us: +31 88 10 10 200

B Corp

Be the best for the world

CPI is proud to be part of the B Corp community, just like Ben & Jerry's, Danone, Triodos Bank and Tony's Chocolonely. Benefit Corporations use their organisational power to address social and environmental challenges and they apply this mindset to set organisational objectives. B Corps are fundamental in the transition to a new economy, as they inspire other organisations to not only be the best in the world, but be the best for the world.


Best for our clients

CPI offers clients what they truly need in good governance and we offer robust design in risk management, finance and compliance, with a strategic focus on:

  • Applying Hearts & Minds, CPI focuses on longterm value creation and behaviour. This leads to changes that are far from temporary, rather they become embedded in the culture of the organisation.
  • Together with clients, CPI is focussed on more than mere financial gain and particularly aware of sustainable development and the benefits of data science, AI and robotics.
  • CPI invests in long term value creation in the broadest sense: Together with clients, CPI is taking ownership for developing its own 21st century skills. We are investing in a long-term license to operate and sustainable leadership in this changing world.

Interested to find out what CPI can do for you? Get in touch with our office on +31 (0) 88 10 10 200.


Paul Polman (former ceo Unilever) about B Corp


Best for our people

Sharing, caring and connecting are central to our way of working. CPI strengthens happiness and purpose, by stimulating personal development and growth.

  • CPI unites independent professionals who have impact: together we work on the most amazing assignments with leading clients.
  • CPI works in a unique community and we share a connection that is fuelled by the CPI culture with a shared mission and core values, knowledge sharing, events and meet-ups.
  • By sharing knowledge on topics that really matter, CPI Academy ensures that the very best professionals continue to develop the very best skills.

Over 400 professionals are making a difference with CPI in this way and share their knowledge in our (online) community.


Are you ready for fantastic assignments in the field of risk, finance and governance?


Best for the community

In a digitising world, increasingly, up to date information resides outside of the organisation. Flexibility is a strategic necessity. As a 21st century organisation, we work with a flexible community of independent professionals who have passion and purpose.


We are in the very midst of the 4th industrial revolution: acceleration, innovation and disruption are central themes. These are trends that have an enormous impact on people and labour. Organisations are changing continuously and rapidly, new business models are popping up and increasingly (digital) platforms emerge. Labour is changing, jobs are disappearing across all layers of the organisation and the impact of data science, AI and robotics is huge. CPI cares deeply about this ‘societal impact’ of technological transformation and is deeply engaged in the debate on work and labour for all.


B Corp

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About CPI

CPI is the professional services organisation of the future. We offer clients and professionals what they truly need in the field of risk, finance and governance.

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